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Person shot and killed in Portland hospital incident, including a security guard, according to the police

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In Oregon, the police shared that someone shot at a hospital in downtown Portland on Saturday, causing one person to die and another to get hurt.

The person who did it ran away from Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, where the incident happened. The police caught up with the suspect in Gresham, just east of Portland. They ended up shooting and killing the suspect when they tried to stop him in a car, as mentioned in a statement from Portland police.

Around 11 a.m. local time, the police got a call about someone having a gun in the hospital, and they quickly went there. When they arrived, they were told that the shooter had already left the hospital.

At Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, a security guard named Bobby Smallwood got shot and killed. Another person on staff got hurt but is okay now. The hospital said no patients were harmed.

The police had to evacuate and check a nearby Fred Meyer grocery store to find the suspect. Eventually, they found the person and stopped their car. The police had to shoot during this, and the suspect didn’t make it. Luckily, no police officers got hurt.

Three officers used deadly force, and their names will be shared in 15 days unless there’s a security issue. The hospital, after the incident, was on lockdown but is now back to normal.

On Saturday afternoon, the police didn’t reveal the suspect’s name, and they didn’t share any reasons for what happened.

The president and CEO of Legacy Health, Kathryn Correia, expressed deep sadness, saying, “We can’t put into words how sad we feel. Our thoughts are with Bobby’s family, our patients, Legacy Good Samaritan staff, and everyone else affected.”

The Portland Police Homicide Unit, along with detectives from other units and the Forensic Evidence Division, went to the scene and are looking into the situation.

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