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Person believed to be responsible for the death of a journalist and activist in Philadelphia is anticipated to admit guilt, according to officials

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A guy accused of shooting and killing Joshua Kruger, a journalist and advocate from Philadelphia, is likely gonna say he’s guilty for third-degree murder, according to what the folks at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office are saying.

This guy named Robert Davis, 19 years old, apparently knew Kruger, according to what the cops have said.

A spokesperson for the DA named Jane Roh told CNN that Mr. Davis decided not to go for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday and said he plans to admit he’s guilty for killing Josh Kruger.

This Davis guy is supposed to show up for his arraignment on April 2, but he can change his mind about saying he’s guilty. If he does, the prosecutors say they’ll bring back all the charges against him, and he’ll have to go to trial. He’s accused of murder, messing with evidence, and some gun-related stuff.

The Defender Association of Philadelphia, the folks who are representing Davis, didn’t say anything about it.

Kruger, who was 39, got shot and killed in October 2023 at his home in South Philly, in the Point Breeze neighborhood, according to the cops. He got hit seven times in his chest and belly and died at the hospital.

Kruger wrote about LGBTQ rights, addiction to HIV, and homelessness for newspapers like The Philadelphia Citizen and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

He worked for Philadelphia for five years, according to what he had on his website and LinkedIn. He worked with the Department of Public Health, the Office of Homeless Services, and even the mayor’s office.

The then-mayor, Jim Kenney, said in a statement back in October that they were shocked and sad about Kruger’s death. He said Kruger was super smart and passionate about his work and that they were lucky to have him as a colleague.

Kruger’s work was all about his own experiences with HIV and homelessness, according to LinkedIn. He called himself a “destroyer of stigma and bureaucratic silos” and believed in doing good for everyone.

He used social media to talk about his own journey surviving addiction and still helping people dealing with it in Philadelphia.

The prosecutors said if Davis gets convicted of third-degree murder, he could get between 15 and 30 years in prison.

They also said Davis is expected to admit he did another shooting where the victim didn’t get hurt.

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