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People who vote back leaders in law enforcement criticize them for not handling the Uvalde school tragedy well

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Two guys got blamed for not stopping the Uvalde school shooter and helping kids and teachers during the attack. Surprisingly, they got support from voters to stay in charge in Texas.

Families of the victims are upset because they think these guys should be held responsible for the slow response that might have saved lives.

Sheriff Ruben Nolasco won the Republican primary with 39% of votes, and Constable Emmanuel Zamora also won his Republican primary. They both were called out in a Department of Justice report that explained what happened on May 24, 2022, when a teenager shot kids and teachers at Robb Elementary.

The election showed a division in the community. Some families want these officers fired, but others voted for them.

A survivor, Khloie Torres, called 911 for help during the shooting and can’t understand why people would vote for officers who didn’t protect the kids. Kassandra Chavez, whose son was shot, is also upset that people voted for these officers.

To remove the sheriff and constables, people have to vote. The Department of Justice named them in the report because they are elected officials.

The report said officers could have acted sooner to stop the shooter, but it took 77 minutes. The leaders were criticized for not questioning the decisions of other officers.

Body camera footage showed Constable Field talking to the school police chief on the phone, and Constable Zamora was trying to open a locked door. The report also said Sheriff Nolasco didn’t share information and didn’t coordinate with others.

Two years after the incident, there’s still no resolution. The local District Attorney is presenting evidence to a grand jury, but it’s unclear if there will be criminal charges.

The school board fired the school police chief, and another officer resigned. There are ongoing investigations, and the community is still divided over what happened.

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