Sunday, April 14, 2024

People close to Biden are urging him to step up his efforts. The State of the Union is the perfect opportunity for him to show his determination

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A group of Democratic governors went to meet President Joe Biden last month, telling him directly that he needs to fight harder. They mentioned a closed-door meeting where Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte handed Biden a letter about the southern border. Biden smiled and joked about the “State of the Union.”

This fighting spirit is expected to be seen in Thursday’s speech, where the president plans to criticize corporations for harming consumers. Democrats are frustrated with reports of Biden expressing anger behind closed doors but want to see that passion in public. They believe it’s essential, especially as concerns about rising prices affect the economy.

Governor Tim Walz thinks it would help dispel worries about Biden’s age and wants him to show toughness. Some Democrats are hesitant to speak publicly about what Biden isn’t doing, but privately, they long for more passion and political theatrics to energize the public.

With polls showing doubts about Biden’s reelection and a significant national audience for the speech, the president and his team are aware of its importance. They are carefully drafting the speech, recognizing that every word will be scrutinized. Biden’s advisers remember a successful moment from last year’s speech but acknowledge the need for more careful planning this time.

Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz suggests that while the State of the Union might not be the right time for full-force action, Biden needs to be more assertive afterward. Biden’s aides have been emphasizing the need for him to step up and appear stronger, understanding that picking fights can make a leader look strong.

Despite challenges, Biden’s real personality is described as both unifying and feisty, with an emphasis on being the United States of America. The hope is that he can effectively communicate this strength and determination in public, addressing concerns and rallying support.

Biden often teases Trump, knowing he’ll likely react. However, Biden prefers to appear calm, aiming to bring more civility to politics. He recently praised McConnell but upset some Democrats for not addressing McConnell’s role in controversial decisions. Critics question if Biden truly understands.

Biden’s campaign statements are often credited to staff, managing his time as president. The White House spokesman stated Biden’s focus on siding with people and calling out Republicans for favoring special interests. The campaign assured they’d hold Trump accountable.

Biden strategically avoids certain issues, like Trump’s legal troubles, emphasizing the Justice Department’s independence. His comments on Netanyahu and Gaza are cautious due to their impact on international relations. Biden occasionally shares thoughts at fundraisers, maintaining a distance while getting media attention.

Despite calls for a stronger stance, Biden’s campaign prioritizes a measured approach, aiming to win over moderates and anti-Trump Republicans. Their TikTok videos feature Biden reacting to Trump’s comments, balancing genuine reactions with scripted summaries.

While some criticize Biden’s demeanor, aides believe there’s time to increase outrage strategically. They acknowledge the need to peak at the right time for maximum voter attention. Balancing toughness is crucial, as being too harsh can backfire, and Biden has room to be as tough as necessary.

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