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People back leaders in law enforcement who are criticized for not preventing the Uvalde school tragedy

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Two guys got blamed for not stopping the Uvalde school shooter and helping the kids and teachers during the attack. Surprisingly, the voters in Texas supported them to stay as law enforcement leaders in their community.

This upset the families of the victims because they think there hasn’t been enough responsibility for the slow response that might have saved lives. Ruben Nolasco, the Uvalde County Sheriff, got the most votes in his Republican primary with 39%, and there’s going to be another round of voting. Emmanuel Zamora, a Constable, won his Republican primary. Both don’t have Democratic opponents.

The Department of Justice pointed fingers at these men in a report about what happened on May 24, 2022, during the school shooting. A teenager with a rifle entered two 4th-grade classrooms, shot people, and was left alone with the victims for over an hour. Nineteen children and two teachers died.

The election shows how the Uvalde community is divided. Some families want the officers who failed to be fired, while others supported them in the vote.

A survivor of the shooting, Khloie Torres, called 911 for help and shared information about the victims. She’s mad that people voted for officers who didn’t help save kids. Kassandra Chavez, whose son was shot, expressed frustration on Facebook, saying the system failed.

The Department of Justice report criticized the officers for not acting sooner. It took 77 minutes from when the shooter entered the school until he was stopped.

The report also mentioned how the officers didn’t question the decisions made by the school police chief and acting chief of the Uvalde Police Department. They were criticized for not coordinating and acting independently.

Even though it’s been almost two years since the incident, there’s still no resolution. The local District Attorney is presenting evidence to a grand jury, but it’s unclear if there will be criminal charges. The Uvalde Police Department’s actions are under review, and a report is expected soon.

Former Mayor Don McLaughlin, who commissioned the report, mentioned delays because the District Attorney didn’t share evidence. The school board fired the school police chief, and the acting chief resigned. The community is still grappling with the aftermath of the tragedy, with some officials facing consequences, while others continue in their roles.

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