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“Pennsylvania Jailbreak” – Leaves the town in shock

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The authorities are still in search for the jailbreaker with expanded search operations, who broke and went free the last week from the Pennsylvania prison.

Danelo Cavalcante, the 34-year-old murderer was charged with a first-degree murder, with a sentence to lifetime-imprisonment for killing his ex-girlfriend – Deborah Brandao. She had two children who were the present at the crime site. The officials said, the suspect was recorded in security footage, seen “crab-walking” and running over the roof on Wednesday.

Warden Howard Holland (Chester County Prison) said, the imprisoner managed to escape successfully on 31 August without coming under the eye of the tower officers, while they were sent to the exercising yard. While Howard added, the officer who was at the tower duty, has been sent at leave with official orders.

The security footage was released on Wednesday, where the jailbreaker was seen crab-walking between two walls with his body stretched, before he went unnoticeable and went pushing the razor-wire fence while running over the roof.

The prison has encountered two jailbreaks since May, first when Igor Bolte used the same technique to get out of the prison, when unluckily was captured by the tower officers. But this time, it was different, not only Cavalcante went through the wires, but none of the eyes also noticed him do it. The whole happening wasn’t discovered until the wardens took a recount of prisoner at the time of return from yard.

While Holland shared, now they (officials) realized, more efforts are needed to expand boundaries for security in the prison, alone razor wires are not enough. They will be considering adding barriers and recruiting more staff at the site, while engineers are put to work for a more secured version of fence.

Cavalcante was set to be shifted to a state prison shortly, when he manages to escape from the Chester County Prison, roughly 25 miles from Philadelphia.

The Kennett Consolidated School District and Chester County Unionville School District passed ordered for schools being closed for Tuesday and Wednesday. Superintendent John Sanville from Chadds Ford School District said – “This is a different scenario to navigate, and we appreciate your patience as we keep up with events as they unfold, please know that our desire is to bring the students into school – but we must weigh that against the circumstances and logistics that we face in the interest of the safety of our students and community.”

While a local Cake Shop owner, Deisy Tapia shared how this investigation has affected the businesses over the past days. “It’s not common for us to be this slow, especially this time of the year, I guess people are not going out,” she said.

For the time being, it cannot be assured whether the criminal would commit any crime again. The residents have been appealed to stay active and careful, while taking due care of themselves, their children and keeping their houses and vehicles locked at all times.

While the official orders have been passed stating a reward of $10,000 on Danelo Souza Cavalcante since he escaped the Pennsylvania prison.

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