Wednesday, April 17, 2024

OpenAI mocks Elon Musk’s confusing legal complaint

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In a legal document filed on Monday, OpenAI said it was doing well without Elon Musk since he left in 2018. Now, Musk wants to take credit for all of OpenAI’s success over the past six years.

OpenAI strongly responded to Musk’s lawsuit, calling his claims “confusing” and “not sensible.” Musk, who helped start OpenAI in 2015, says the company broke its promises and shifted away from its original goal of being non-profit. He claims OpenAI is keeping its best technology for private customers.

Last week, OpenAI defended itself in a blog post, suggesting Musk might be envious because he’s no longer part of the company’s success in the AI race. They shared emails from Musk to other OpenAI founders, where Musk suggested OpenAI should sell itself to Tesla to stay competitive. OpenAI refused, and Musk left in 2018.

The legal filing argues that Musk wanted OpenAI to be a for-profit company controlled by him, and when that didn’t happen, he left. Now that OpenAI is successful, Musk wants the credit.

OpenAI wants the court to consider the case as “complicated,” which would set rules for gathering evidence. They also want the case dismissed quickly.

OpenAI worries Musk might try to access their private records and technology through the legal process.

Musk now runs his own AI company, XAI, which competes with OpenAI.

OpenAI says Musk’s demands are unusual and would only benefit him, as his own AI company hasn’t been very successful.

Musk’s lawyers haven’t commented on the filing yet.

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