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Oldest bread ever, made 8,600 years ago, found in Turkey

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Archaeologists in Turkey found really old bread, from around 6600 BC.

They discovered a broken oven in a place called “Mekan 66,” where there were mudbrick houses, in Çatalhöyük, southern Turkey.

The oven area had wheat, barley, pea seeds, and a round, spongy leftover substance.

Tests showed that this substance was 8,600 years old and was bread that hadn’t been cooked but had fermented.

The head archaeologist, Ali Umut Türkcan, said it was like a small loaf of bread with a finger mark in the center. It hadn’t been baked but had survived because of the starch inside.

Images from a special microscope showed air spaces and starch grains, confirming it was bread. They also found chemicals from plants and signs of fermentation.

The bread was made next to the oven and left for a while before being eaten.

This discovery is big news for Turkey and the world.

The ancient oven and bread were preserved by a thin layer of clay.

Çatalhöyük is known for many firsts, like the world’s first weavings and wooden artifacts. It’s a very important place for understanding early settled agricultural life.

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