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NSYNC Makes Surprise Reunion at VMAs, Presents Taylor Swift with an Award: ‘You’re the Epitome of Pop’

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Houston Rockets player Kevin Porter Jr. has been accused of hurting his girlfriend, Kysre Gondrezick, who used to play in the WNBA. It happened in a hotel in Manhattan, and prosecutors say he seriously hurt her neck and caused a bad cut above her eye during a fight. She had to run away, covered in blood.

In court, Porter said he didn’t do it and paid $75,000 to get out of jail. He has to go back to court on October 16 and stay away from Gondrezick.

The NBA and Rockets know about the charges, and they are looking into it.

Porter was becoming famous in basketball before this happened. He recently signed a big contract with the Rockets.

According to the police, Porter was arrested because a woman ended up in the hospital after he hit her many times and grabbed her neck. She had bruises and a broken neck bone. The prosecutor also said this wasn’t the first time Porter hurt her.

Porter and Gondrezick started dating in February 2022. Gondrezick doesn’t play for a team right now, and her last WNBA season was in 2021.

Porter had some issues with his behavior in the past while playing for college and professional teams. He was suspended in college and had problems with the Cleveland Cavaliers, who traded him to the Rockets. He also had legal trouble after a car accident.

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