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New info from text messages reveals more about the plan with fake electors after the 2020 election

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Attorney Kenneth Chesebro, known for his involvement in the Trump campaign’s fake electors scheme, continued suggesting ways to change the 2020 election outcome even after the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, according to messages and emails revealed in a lawsuit. The documents also show that a Trump lawyer claimed to have sent a memo to the White House on executing the fake electors plan.

These details emerged after Chesebro and former Trump lawyer Jim Troupis settled a lawsuit with Wisconsin’s real Democratic electors. Chesebro, who pleaded guilty in Georgia, was identified as an unindicted co-conspirator. The disclosed emails and texts suggest that Chesebro wanted the electors plot to proceed regardless of the lawsuit outcomes, contradicting his recent testimony.

Chesebro argued that his work was based on historical precedent, but the new evidence challenges this claim. The messages indicate a more aggressive plan than what he revealed in interviews. Chesebro suggested that the GOP electors didn’t need to be linked to ongoing litigation, and even if Trump lost all legal cases, Congress could still seat pro-Trump electors.

Despite the January 6 events, Chesebro continued proposing ideas for overturning the election through unlikely lawsuits. The messages also reveal Chesebro sent a memo to the White House, emphasizing the importance of January 6. Troupis confirmed sending it to the “real decision makers” without specifying who received it.

In December 2020, Chesebro briefed Trump about the fake electors planning during an Oval Office meeting attended by Wisconsin figures. The campaign executed Chesebro’s plan on December 14, 2020.

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