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Negotiations for a truce between Israel and Hamas seem to be progressing well, as per officials. This comes after unfortunate incidents at a Gaza aid location

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Efforts to stop the fighting between Hamas and Israel in Gaza are still going, and they aim to agree on a ceasefire before Ramadan. Over 100 Palestinians were killed on Thursday while trying to get food in Gaza City. The talks involve the US, Qatar, Egypt, and Israel. The US says things seem on track, but it depends on how Hamas reacts. A Hamas official warned negotiations might be affected. CNN tried to get a response from Hamas officials but hasn’t heard back.

After many Palestinian civilians died on Thursday, the US says the situation became more urgent for hostage and ceasefire talks. On Friday, President Joe Biden called for an immediate ceasefire, wanting to make a deal between Israel and Hamas to bring back hostages and stop fighting in Gaza for at least the next six weeks. The goal is also to allow more aid to reach Gaza.

A top official said on Friday that the US is working quickly to make a deal before Ramadan, just a week away. Israel warned that without a deal, they might expand military actions. Biden hoped for a Gaza ceasefire by Monday, but now he’s not sure it will happen. He thinks it might still happen but isn’t certain. The deaths at an aid site could make talks harder, and Biden is worried about it.

Biden talked to Qatar and Egypt leaders, who are helping with talks. Teams are working on a deal in Doha, but there are disagreements, especially about numbers and troop movements. Hamas might want more Palestinian prisoners released for IDF soldier hostages.

CNN reported that Israel expects details on hostages and prisoners from Hamas before more talks. Egypt’s Foreign Minister said it’s crucial to succeed before Ramadan, warning of dire consequences if the conflict continues. Talks may happen in phases, starting with a temporary truce for up to six weeks. During this, Israeli hostages, including women and children, might be released for fewer Palestinian prisoners. More negotiations would follow on sensitive issues for a permanent end to the war.

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