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More people are getting sick with the norovirus in the United States, especially in the Northeast, according to information from the CDC

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More people in the US are getting sick with the norovirus lately, like how it usually happens during this time of the year. The latest info from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that in the week ending on February 17, over 12% of tests for the norovirus turned out positive. This virus is quite common and easily spreads, causing stomach issues. This number is a bit higher than the previous week, which was at 11.5%. The Northeastern part of the country is seeing even more cases, with over 13% of tests being positive. This has been going on since late January.

But, if we compare it to the same time last year, the situation is not as bad. Last year, around this time, about 15% of tests were positive, both across the country and in the Northeast.

The CDC says that norovirus outbreaks are most likely to happen in late fall, winter, and early spring.

Norovirus is a major reason for stomach bugs in the United States, says the CDC. It makes about 19 to 21 million people sick each year. It mostly happens in crowded places like nursing homes, daycares, and cruise ships.

You can get it by touching someone who has it, eating or drinking stuff with the virus, or touching dirty things and then putting your fingers in your mouth. The CDC says a person with it can still give it to others even two weeks after they feel better.

People often get stomach issues like diarrhea, throwing up, feeling sick, and bellyache when they have norovirus. There isn’t a special medicine for it, but experts say you should drink lots of liquids to stay hydrated. To avoid getting sick, the CDC suggests washing your hands, cleaning fruits and veggies, and cooking shellfish really well.

In January, the US Food and Drug Administration warned folks not to eat certain oysters from Baja California and Mexico because they might have norovirus. In December, over 200 people in North Carolina got sick with what seemed like norovirus after eating at a sushi place.

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