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Mom gets out of trouble after Harmony’s disappearance

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The mom of Harmony Montgomery, the 5-year-old girl who went missing and was said to be killed in New Hampshire in 2019, got permission to leave jail on Thursday morning, according to a video from her hearing.

Kayla Montgomery, who is separated from her husband Adam Montgomery, recently found guilty of killing Harmony, admitted in 2022 that she lied to a group of people deciding on the case about where she was when her stepdaughter was last seen. This info comes from the hearing and court documents.

The dad was also found guilty of hurting Harmony, tampering with witnesses, messing with evidence, and mishandling Harmony’s body, according to court records.

Harmony’s mom, Crystal Sorey, reported her missing in November 2021, saying she last saw her daughter in a video call in spring 2019. But the police said they last saw Harmony in October 2019.

In August 2022, authorities figured out that Harmony was killed in Manchester, New Hampshire, in December 2019, but they haven’t found her body.

Montgomery was accused in January 2023 by a New Hampshire jury of hitting Harmony in the head multiple times with his fist, causing her death.

According to the Attorney General, Montgomery hid Harmony’s body between December 7, 2019, and March 4, 2020, messing up the investigation.

The Attorney General also said that Montgomery tried to make Kayla Montgomery lie in the investigation about Harmony’s disappearance between December 7, 2019, and January 4, 2022.

During her hearing on Thursday, Kayla Montgomery cried as she admitted to lying, saying that being honest “takes a lot of weight off you.”

She also mentioned that if she had been honest from the beginning, the detectives could have found Harmony sooner and figured out what happened to her.

The parole board said yes to Kayla Montgomery’s release, but she has to finish some programs and have a plan for her home before leaving in May. They’re also keeping an eye on her for 90 days and making her take part in addiction recovery and mental health treatments.

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