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Mom and her boyfriend accused of not taking good care of their missing toddler

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A 3-year-old boy named Elijah Vue from Wisconsin has been missing for almost a week. His mom, Katrina Baur, and her boyfriend, Jesse Vang, are now in trouble. They were in court on Monday and got charged with not taking care of Elijah properly. This happened in Two Rivers, and an Amber Alert has been issued to find the boy.

Elijah was last seen on February 20 while Jesse Vang was looking after him. Jesse said he realized Elijah was missing when he woke up from a nap at home and couldn’t find the child.

Both Katrina (31 years old) and Jesse (39 years old) are facing charges for not taking care of Elijah. Katrina has extra charges for not cooperating with the police. We tried to get comments from their lawyers, but we haven’t heard back yet.

Vang mentioned helping with the child for almost a month, but not all the time. They were working on fixing Elijah’s “bad behaviors.” Baur shared that she wanted Vang to show her toddler how to be a man through example. She had talked to Vang about what disciplinary actions were off-limits.

Vang explained to the detective that Elijah’s discipline involved making him stand for one to three hours, where he had to either pray or say, “I’m sorry, mommy.”

The toddler was mostly given bottles and wasn’t toilet-trained, Vang mentioned. Elijah wasn’t allowed to play with his one toy during his stay at Vang’s place from February 12 to February 20 because he was in a “time out.”

On the night before Elijah disappeared, Vang had three 12-ounce beers and a muscle relaxant to help sleep, as per Vang’s statement to the police.

The next day, Vang took his son to the bus stop, then gave Elijah cereal without milk for breakfast, as per what Vang told the police. He mentioned that he didn’t change the toddler’s diaper and instructed him to stand and pray by Vang’s bed.

Vang claimed he noticed Elijah was missing around 11 a.m. after waking up from a nap. He reported it to the police. Baur, the child’s mother, shared that on February 17, while she was away, Vang expressed anger about Elijah’s diaper being overfilled.

Baur denied being in Two Rivers from February 12 to February 20 or having face-to-face contact with her son.

Both Baur and Vang were in Manitowoc County Jail on Tuesday, as per online jail records.

Police sought help finding Elijah on February 20, mentioning his description, clothes, and a red and white plaid blanket. Authorities have searched various places, including a landfill and rivers, and encouraged residents to check their properties and surveillance systems.

At a hearing on Monday, Orson Vue, the child’s uncle, asked for Baur and Vang to be held accountable, considering their actions. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 7.

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