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Missouri is not allowed by the Supreme Court to stop local police from assisting with enforcing federal gun laws

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The highest court said no to bringing back a law in Missouri that caused some disagreements. This law, called the Second Amendment Preservation Act, stopped local police from helping federal officers with certain gun rules. The government said this law goes against the Constitution, which says federal laws are more important than state ones.

This state law punished people with fines, even up to $50,000, for helping with federal laws that the state thinks might not be okay. These federal laws include making sure dangerous weapons are registered and making records for people who sell guns.

But the law also says that state groups can help if there are similar state laws. For example, if there’s a crime in the state that’s like a federal crime, they can still work together.

A judge in the state said this law was not allowed in March, agreeing with the Biden government. Another court said they couldn’t change this decision, so Missouri’s top lawyer, Andrew Bailey, asked the Supreme Court to help. But on Friday, the court said no.

Justice Clarence Thomas wanted the law to happen. Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Samuel Alito said they agreed with the decision, but only for now.

Bailey argued that the federal government doesn’t have the right to challenge this law. He said states have the power to decide not to help with federal laws, and that’s not a problem.

In March, Judge Brian Wimes said the law is completely not okay. He said Missouri police can help with federal tasks, investigate federal gun crimes, and share information with the government without worrying about this law.

He also said this law does the opposite of what it says. It’s supposed to protect people, but it actually makes it harder for the federal government to enforce gun rules meant to keep people safe.

The government’s lawyer, Elizabeth Prelogar, called this law clearly against the Constitution. She said the Constitution doesn’t let states cancel or make it tough for the federal government to enforce its laws.

Federal officers in Missouri faced problems because local police were afraid of breaking this law.

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