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Kristi Noem is in some legal trouble and is being asked a lot of questions because of her big support for Texas dentists that became famous online

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Governor Kristi Noem is in trouble because of an online fuss about her recent support for a dental clinic in Texas. People are questioning why she went so far for dental work and if she got paid for endorsing them. A group called Travelers United is suing her, saying she did a secret ad for the clinic. The dentists at the clinic have donated to Republicans, but there’s no record of them donating to Noem.

Noem seems happy with her new smile, saying it makes her feel more confident. She hasn’t explained why she went to Texas for treatment. CNN has asked her and the clinic about money, but they haven’t answered.

In a video, Noem talks about how she was self-conscious about her teeth because of a childhood incident. Now, she’s starring in ads promoting South Dakota as a great place to work. Some people are upset about the cost of these ads and the company that got the contract.

Noem isn’t the first South Dakota leader to use state money to attract people to the state. Before her, Dennis Daugaard’s administration asked people why they’d want to live on Mars when they could live in South Dakota.

Despite the criticism, Noem continues to appear in ads promoting different jobs in the state, including pretending to be a police officer, welder, nurse, accountant, and even a dentist.

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