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Joe Biden said in 2019 that he would welcome 2 million asylum seekers without hesitation. Now, he’s dealing with a big immigration problem

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During his 2020 run for president, Joe Biden promised to change how the country deals with immigration, especially different from how Trump handled it.

He said he would pause deportations for 100 days after becoming president. He also assured cities providing sanctuary to immigrants that he would protect them from federal law enforcement. Biden criticized Trump’s treatment of undocumented immigrants at the southern border, saying America could welcome more people and encouraged asylum seekers to come.

In one event in August 2019, Biden mentioned that the country could easily accept two million more people. He believed that a country with 330 million people should be able to help those in desperate need and escaping oppression.

Since Biden took office, about 3 million migrants at the southern border are now in the US, according to the Biden administration. However, this large number has caused problems for the US immigration system and created a political challenge for President Biden. In a recent poll, only 30% of Americans approved of how he was handling the border situation.

As a result, Biden has changed the way he talks about the border, moving away from his more liberal views during the campaign and returning to a more moderate stance. The White House now encourages sanctuary cities to cooperate with law enforcement on migrants who committed crimes. Biden also supports a border bill that would tighten asylum laws and include conservative ideas.

Biden’s shift aligns with his more centrist views on immigration from his time as a senator and vice president. Democrats, in general, are also adjusting their stance on immigration, as seen in a recent election where a Democrat supported securing the border.

Both Biden and Trump recently visited the southern border, highlighting the importance of immigration in the 2024 election. Biden called on Trump to support the border bill and work together to address the issue.

President Biden is expected to discuss immigration during his State of the Union address. His change in rhetoric reflects a broader shift among Democrats on this issue.

During his 2020 campaign, Biden spoke against Trump’s harsh border policies and vowed to welcome asylum seekers. After taking office, he reversed several of Trump’s immigration policies, including ending the border wall construction, lifting the Muslim travel ban, and changing rules for asylum seekers.

Despite these changes, the immigration situation remains complex, with challenges at the border and political disagreements over how to handle it.

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