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“It’s really scary”: A lady in Texas shares her thoughts on politicians and judges getting involved in women’s medical choices after being refused an abortion

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Kate Cox, the Texan woman who had to travel out of her state for an abortion, wasn’t really into politics until she faced a life-threatening pregnancy.

Now, after a legal fight that got national attention, she talks openly about how making health decisions political affects women and families. She’s expected to be at the president’s State of the Union on Thursday as a guest of Jill Biden.

“Pregnancies are complicated, and it’s scary when politicians and judges decide,” Cox told CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview before the address.

The Texas Supreme Court stopped Cox from getting an abortion for her fetus with a rare and deadly condition called trisomy 18. Cox, 20 weeks pregnant, sued Texas, saying it would be life-threatening to continue the pregnancy. Texas law mostly bans abortions after about six weeks but allows exceptions to save the mother’s life.

The state Supreme Court quickly reversed a lower-court decision, saying Cox’s doctor didn’t prove her symptoms were life-threatening. This led her to go to New Mexico for the abortion. Doing it out of state, she said, “added more pain to the most devastating time of our lives.”

“I’m just one,” Cox told Bash. “Many women and families suffer because of Texas laws.”

Cox’s story shows how heated the debate on reproductive rights has become since Roe v. Wade’s reversal in 2022. More than a dozen states have banned abortion, and some Republican-led legislatures want restrictions. Advocates fear in vitro fertilization could also face limits after an Alabama Supreme Court ruling on frozen embryos, hurting families, as Cox said.

Cox and her husband are sharing their story to show that families are hurt by these laws. Being in the spotlight, especially in the post-Roe abortion landscape, is unusual for them.

They’re in Washington to “bring awareness” and change minds on the issue. Justin Cox said, “If you don’t think it affects you, you won’t pay attention. But it can, so we’re trying to bring awareness.”

Asked if they’d vote for President Biden in November, the couple said they support abortion rights when they cast their votes.

“The number one thing we’re both voting for is protection of abortion rights because women and families deserve medical care,” Kate Cox said. “I don’t want to see others continue to be hurt.”

Democrats focus on reproductive rights in their campaign, hoping it motivates voters. Trump, the GOP candidate, privately supports a 16-week federal abortion ban.

Cox, invited to the State of the Union, called it an “incredible honor” and thanked the first couple “for shining a light on this important issue.” She remembered missing a call from the White House while chasing kids but later spoke with Biden, who “said some really kind words.”

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