Monday, April 15, 2024

Israel has reportedly agreed to a six-week ceasefire, but it’s now up to Hamas to confirm. This information comes from a US official

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The Israelis are okay with a six-week break in Gaza, as per a senior Biden official on Saturday. They want to figure out a plan in these six weeks to make things better in the long run.

During this break, they want to free certain people in Gaza who are in a tough spot – like women, old folks, and those who are hurt. They also want to send in help to the area.

The official said there’s a plan that Israel more or less agrees with, but there’s a snag. Hamas, the other group involved, hasn’t agreed to a clear list of people who need help.

On Friday, US officials said the talks to stop the fight between Hamas and Israel are going well. This is happening before Ramadan, which is just about a week away. Even after more than 100 Palestinians were killed on Thursday while getting food in Gaza City, the talks are still on.

On Friday, President Joe Biden asked for an instant break in fighting. He said they’re working on a deal with Israel and Hamas to bring back the hostages and stop the fight in Gaza for at least the next six weeks. They also want to send more help to Gaza.

On Friday, US officials shared that the aid site deaths didn’t mess up the talks much, but things depend on how Hamas reacts. Qatar, Egypt, Israel, and the US have been talking in Paris and Doha. Talks will continue in Cairo, with the US, Israel, Egypt, and Hamas negotiating. There’s uncertainty about Qatar joining.

Israel and Hamas will talk separately, asking for a list of hostages. Hamas hasn’t responded to the recent meetings. Vice President Kamala Harris plans to meet Benny Gantz on Monday for a ceasefire and more aid. Harris will emphasize the urgency of a hostage deal, allowing a temporary ceasefire, and increasing aid for Gaza’s humanitarian needs.

Biden had said earlier in the week that he hoped there’d be a ceasefire in Gaza by Monday, but he offered a mixed assessment of that possibility Friday, saying: “I think we’ll get there, but it’s not there yet. And it may not get there now.”

The US, meanwhile, is working with partners to scale up aid to Gaza. On Saturday, the US and Jordan air-dropped humanitarian aid into the besieged enclave, “part of a sustained effort to get more aid into Gaza, including by expanding the flow of aid through land corridors and routes,” US Central Command said.

There were 66 bundles dropped, a US official said. There was no water or medical supplies in the bundles, which were dropped in a location that the US assessed people in need were sheltering.

Following the airdrops, Biden said on social media the amount of aid flowing into Gaza was “not nearly enough,” adding that the US “will continue to pull out every stop we can to get more aid in.”

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