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Investigation findings on the Surfside condo collapse reveal important information about what might have caused the disaster. Here are the main things to know

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Federal investigators shared updates on Thursday about their investigation into the 2021 condominium collapse in Surfside, Florida. They discussed potential reasons for the tragedy, where 98 people lost their lives.

The investigators found various issues in the building’s construction, with about two dozen theories on what might have caused the collapse. They highlighted that the swimming pool deck collapsed a few minutes before the rest of the building, focusing on potential problems with the deck or the columns supporting the tower.

The Champlain Towers South building crumbled in June 2021, taking a month to recover and identify all 98 victims. Investigators believe the building’s integrity was compromised during its 1970s construction, with design and construction not meeting safety standards.

The investigation is ongoing, with a final report expected next year. The agency doesn’t assign criminal blame but can recommend changes to building codes. The findings emphasize the importance of proactive measures and continuous maintenance for condominium safety.

Key findings from the investigation include:

1. Parts of the original building did not meet building code requirements, especially in the pool deck and tower columns.

2. The building faced significant structural repairs before the collapse, with reports of concrete deterioration.

3. The pool deck collapsed before the tower, possibly due to the failure of the connection between the slab and its support columns.

4. Residents reported hearing distressing sounds and indications of problems with the pool deck weeks before the collapse.

5. The pool deck had several deficiencies, including sagging, water exposure, and added weight from landscaping planters.

6. The collapse might have initiated in the pool deck, but investigators haven’t ruled out other possibilities in the tower.

7. The failure of the tower’s columns is also considered a potential cause, with evidence of structural movements before the collapse.

8. Video footage shows uniform downward movement during the collapse, likely starting below the third floor.

9. Multiple scenarios, including corrosion, water exposure, and poor installation, could have compromised the tower’s columns.

10. While strong evidence supports likely causes, investigators must continue to analyze and test numerous hypotheses.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology plans to release a final report and an online presentation for the public by fall 2025, aiming to uncover potential issues in similar buildings nationwide. The report could provide answers to victims’ families waiting for clarity on the tragedy.

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