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In the legal situation involving Trump in New York, the judge is restricting access to details about the jurors because of worries about their safety

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The judge in charge of Donald Trump’s upcoming trial decided to control who gets information about the jurors, worried about possible harassment. The judge, Juan Merchan, agreed with the prosecutors from the Manhattan district attorney’s office and restricted access to the jurors’ names. Only Trump, his lawyers, staff, and consultants involved in the case can know the jurors’ names, and it’s not allowed to be shared with others.

Judge Merchan mentioned that the prosecutors’ argument was convincing, pointing out that Trump has a history of publicly criticizing jurors in other cases. Additionally, the judge decided to limit access to the jurors’ addresses, allowing only the attorneys in the case to know where the jurors live or work, keeping it from Trump and others.

At Trump’s request, the judge promised to take precautions, like not telling the jurors about these protective measures to avoid influencing their opinions about Trump negatively.

The judge hasn’t made a decision on the prosecutors’ request for a gag order yet. However, he reminded everyone involved, including Trump, not to make statements that could lead to violence or civil unrest, following his earlier instruction. The judge clarified that the public and press’s access to the courtroom won’t be affected by these protective measures.

Prosecutors asked the judge to prevent Trump from knowing too much about the jurors, expressing concern about his behavior in this and other cases, including his history of attacking jurors, posing a risk of harassment and intimidation. They believe protective measures are necessary to maintain the trial’s integrity, ensure smooth jury selection, and protect the jurors’ safety.

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