Sunday, April 14, 2024

In Missouri, while delivering an eviction notice, two officers got shot, and sadly, one officer and a process server lost their lives

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In Missouri, a sad incident happened. Someone delivering an eviction notice got hurt, and police officers went to help. Unfortunately, two officers got shot and didn’t make it. Another officer is hurt but will recover. The person responsible for the shooting is now in custody. This is a reminder of the dangers officers face – last year, a lot of them got shot across the US. Let’s hope for safer times ahead.

Dustman praised Allen for doing what law enforcement folks do every day. He’s proud of Allen and his service to the community. Allen, 35, had a wife and two kids.

Mack worked with the Jackson County court for more than 12 years and was loved by many, according to Judge Jalilah Otto. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is leading the investigation, Dustman added.

This is an ongoing story and will be updated.

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