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If America stops TikTok, China will feel what it’s like when the tables turn

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TikTok might not be allowed in the United States soon, similar to how American social media platforms have been banned in China before.

The US House of Representatives passed a bill that could lead to TikTok’s ban unless its Chinese owner ByteDance sells it to a US-approved buyer. The Chinese government thinks this bill goes against fair competition and international trade rules.

But China has already blocked many American social media platforms like Google, YouTube, and Instagram for not following its data rules.

Back in 2010, Google left China because it didn’t want to follow Chinese rules anymore. Now, the situation is kind of reversed.

Some people think it’s ironic that China is upset about TikTok possibly being banned when it has blocked American apps for years.

The decision now lies with the US Senate, and President Joe Biden is ready to sign the bill if it’s passed.

US officials worry that TikTok might share data with China or control what people see on the app. But TikTok denies these claims.

After the House vote, China promised to protect its interests regarding TikTok. They strongly oppose TikTok being forced to sell and say they have the power to stop it.

China changed its export rules in 2020 to include technology like TikTok’s algorithms. They’re really protective of this tech.

If TikTok gets banned, other Chinese-owned apps in the US might face the same fate.

This situation shows the ongoing tension between China and the US, especially in tech and trade.

People are discussing this a lot on Chinese social media. Some wonder why everything has to become a national security issue.

Others suggest China should retaliate against US companies, but some say China has already blocked many American apps for years.

This whole thing highlights how differently China and the US treat each other’s apps and companies.

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