Monday, April 15, 2024

I think in this election, people in the USA are getting rid of a bad image

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For a long time, Americans weren’t really interested in what happened in other countries. About a decade ago, Jim Hoge, the editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, noticed this disinterest. But things have changed now.

Americans are paying more attention to the world. In the recent Democratic primary in Michigan, some people opposed President Joe Biden’s support for Israel. They voted “uncommitted” to push him to change his stance. Even in the Republican primary, Nikki Haley criticized former President Donald Trump for his comments about Russia and NATO.

The upcoming 2024 election is becoming more focused on foreign policy. Even issues like immigration, which involve both domestic and foreign aspects, are getting a lot of attention.

Biden and Trump, the likely candidates, have strong disagreements about America’s role in the world. This election is not just about specific policies but about the fundamental values the United States represents globally.

Trump, who tends to be isolationist, is trying to interfere with US aid for Ukraine. On the other hand, Biden believes in a proactive US role globally, strengthening alliances and supporting democracy.

With conflicts like Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas ongoing, people are increasingly interested in world affairs. A survey by Pew showed that a large percentage of Americans consider these conflicts important to national interests and personally important.

Despite other concerns like the economy and social issues, foreign policy has become a key focus for voters. They have strong opinions on topics like the Israel-Hamas conflict, even if they disagree on many other issues.

This shift in interest in global affairs among voters is significant. Back in 2013, during President Obama’s second term, foreign policy wasn’t a top priority for voters. But now, the focus has shifted, partly due to social media bringing attention to global issues.

Americans are no longer the stereotype of not caring about the world. They’re concerned about what’s happening globally and the role the United States will play in shaping the future.

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