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Guy saved after getting what looks like a crocodile bite in the Everglades

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A guy was swimming to the shore because his small boat flipped over in the Everglades National Park. While he was in the water, he got bitten by an American crocodile. The park rangers got a call around 4:43 p.m. on Sunday, saying the man was seen going underwater at Flamingo Marina in the southern part of the park near the open water of the Florida Straits.

The rangers managed to get the 68-year-old man out and took care of a cut on his leg. They worked with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue to take him to the hospital, and he was okay when handed over to the emergency medical service people.

The news release mentioned that the rangers and park scientists are looking into the incident and keeping an eye on the suspected crocodile, which is easy to recognize.

The American crocodile is a type of crocodile that is in danger, according to the National Park Service. It looks like the American alligator, but they live in different places. There are only about 2,000 adult crocodiles in the U.S., and they stay in a small area along the coasts of central and southern Florida. On the other hand, there are around 5 million wild American alligators in 10 states in the Southeast and other places.

Worldwide, things are different. About 1,000 people die each year from crocodile attacks in places like Africa, mainland Asia, Indonesia, and Australia.

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