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Golfer Adam Hadwin accidentally set off security alarms while cheering for Nick Taylor’s amazing Canadian Open victory

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When Nick Taylor made a super long putt at the fourth hole, the crowd in Toronto went wild. It was a big deal because no Canadian golfer had won the Canadian Open in 69 years. Everyone was celebrating, and even champagne was sprayed around.

But then, something weird happened. A security guard, thinking another golfer was crashing the party, tackled Adam Hadwin, who was just trying to join in on the celebration. People quickly realized the mistake, helped Hadwin up, and everything was cool again.

The tournament director explained that the security guard didn’t recognize Hadwin and others who joined the celebration. Nick Taylor said they sorted things out quickly, and everyone was happy in the end.

Hadwin found the funny side of things and changed his Twitter profile and cover pictures to a close-up of the tackle. Another picture he posted showed Taylor and Markle looking at him as he got tackled.

Taylor said, “I saw he got a nice tackle out of the corner of my eye. I hope he’s okay. He was standing later, so I hope he doesn’t wake up tomorrow with broken ribs.”

Later, Hadwin’s wife, Jessica, confirmed on Twitter that he’s okay and apologized for the tackle. She said, “I’m happy to say @ahadwingolf is still alive and, like a true Canadian, apologized to the security guard for being tackled.”

The tackle footage quickly spread on social media, with Justin Thomas joking, “Hahahahaha man down!!!!!!” and Tyrrell Hatton saying, “Praying for Adam Hadwin, what a tackle.”

‘Big Moment’
On that special day filled with excitement and surprises, something unforgettable happened, making it even more remarkable for Taylor.

Taylor, the golfer from Winnipeg, was cheered on by the Canadian fans all week as he aimed to win his third PGA Tour. During his final round, the crowd even sang the national anthem. Taylor, who started the tournament with a 3-over par, ended strong with a six-under round, finishing at 17-under. This tied him at the top with England’s Tommy Fleetwood, who was also eyeing his first PGA Tour title.

This led them to their first PGA Tour playoffs. After three holes, they were still tied. Birdies and pars came and went. The playoff extended to the 18th tee once more. Taylor managed to reach the green in two shots, while Fleetwood made an excellent fairway approach. Fleetwood had a chance for birdie from 12 feet, but it turned out to be his last shot.

In an incredible turn of events, Taylor nailed an uphill putt for an eagle, securing the victory. This made Taylor the first Canadian since Pat Fletcher in 1954, and the sixth in history, to win the Canadian National Open.

Mike Weir, Corey Conners, and Hadwin congratulated Taylor on his win. Taylor earned $1.62 million and moved up 15 spots to 44th in the world rankings.

“I heard someone shout ‘everything,’ and that’s the only word I can use,” Taylor said.

“We’ve always marked this tournament on our calendar since junior golf. On the PGA Tour, this is a competition we want to do well in. The crowd support was the most incredible thing I’ll probably ever experience in my life.”

Before commenting on his 18th green moment, Hadwin first congratulated Taylor.

“Words can’t describe what you accomplished. So proud of you,” he tweeted.


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