Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Florida wants the Supreme Court to let their law against drag shows go into action

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Florida’s attorney general wants the US Supreme Court to allow a law called the “Protection of Children Act” to be in effect again. This law aims to stop children from seeing explicit adult performances. The law, passed in 2023, makes it a crime to knowingly let a child attend a sexually explicit live show that is inappropriate for their age.

A judge stopped the law temporarily, saying it might violate free speech and due process rights and that it was unclear. The appeals court rejected Florida’s request to lift the judge’s order, so now Florida is asking the Supreme Court for help.

The law was challenged by a popular Orlando restaurant, Hamburger Mary’s, which hosts drag brunches. The restaurant claimed the law hurt its business. Florida is now asking the Supreme Court to only stop the law for the restaurant, not the entire state. Attorney General Moody argues that the law doesn’t affect Hamburger Mary’s because its shows are not sexually explicit.

The governor, Ron DeSantis, who supports the law, says it’s about protecting children. The Supreme Court will likely ask the restaurant for its response before making a decision.

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