Monday, April 15, 2024

Five people died when humanitarian aid dropped from the air accidentally hit them in Gaza

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At least five people died and 10 got hurt when aid packages were dropped from the air in the Al Shati camp in Gaza City. A witness, Khader Al Zaanoun, said he saw the packages fall but doesn’t know who dropped them. Muhammad Al-Sheikh from Al Shifa Medical Complex confirmed the deaths.

Some of the injured are in bad shape. In a video, a pallet with aid falls too fast due to a parachute malfunction, hitting a building. Other parachutes worked fine, but the fast-falling pallet was dangerous.

Another incident showed parachutes dropping parcels, causing panic. The US dropped meals on Saturday, but aid workers criticized it, saying it’s not enough. People in Gaza struggle to get this aid, and some call it useless because it lacks essential supplies.

Abdel Qader Al Sabbah said it’s hard to get these meals and called for aid that can be stored and used over time instead of single meals.

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