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Family of Ukrainian reporter who died in war sues Fox News for being careless and irresponsible

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Fox News is facing another big lawsuit.

Two years after a tragic incident in Ukraine that killed Fox News photojournalist Pierre Zakrzewski and contractor Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova, the network is being blamed for their deaths. The lawsuit claims that Fox News behaved recklessly and negligently, putting the crew in danger. It also accuses the network of trying to hide its responsibility and blaming others.

The lawsuit, filed in New York State court by Kuvshynova’s parents and Shane Thomson, the security contractor, targets not only Fox News but also Rupert Murdoch, Suzanne Scott, and Benjamin Hall, who survived the attack but was seriously injured.

At the time of the incident, Fox News reported that the team came under fire while reporting. However, an investigation by Thomson and Kuvshynova’s parents revealed that the network ignored warnings to avoid the dangerous area near Kyiv where the attack happened. The lawsuit claims that even though the area was considered unsafe, Fox News decided to go there anyway.

When the crew arrived, they found that their vehicle wasn’t big enough for everyone. They left their security consultant behind, which the lawsuit says was a critical mistake. Later, at an abandoned checkpoint, their car caught fire, killing Kuvshynova and causing Zakrzewski to bleed to death.

The lawsuit also accuses Fox News of trying to cover up its mistakes. It claims that the network took all the surviving equipment from the attack and didn’t keep any records of what happened. Additionally, it alleges that Fox News tried to silence the families of the victims with non-disclosure agreements.

Thomson, who was tasked with transporting Zakrzewski’s body, faced difficulties after the incident. The lawsuit says he struggled to find work because he was associated with the tragedy and that Fox News spread false rumors about him having a drinking problem.

Kuvshynova’s parents and Thomson are seeking unspecified damages for their losses.

The lawsuit ends by quoting Kuvshynova’s final text message to her parents, where she reassured them, trusting Fox News to keep them safe, which tragically turned out to be misplaced trust.

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