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Family devastated after Illinois police shoot man in his own home

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The family of a man from Illinois, who got shot by the police in his bedroom last month, wants the officers responsible to be identified and charged. They are seeking justice. The man, Isaac Goodlow, aged 30, died on February 3. The police chief mentioned that he was shot in the chest. The incident is being looked into by a team called the Public Integrity Team. The officers involved are on leave with pay while the investigation happens.

Isaac’s older sister, Kennetha Barnes, expressed frustration, saying they don’t have any answers. She believes justice for them means the police being charged. The family’s attorney, Steven Hart, shared that the family is going through a tough time, filled with shock and grief. The police released a 33-minute video with body camera footage from six officers. The video covers the events leading up to the shooting, but the family still has many unanswered questions.

For the next 45 minutes, police tried to reach Goodlow by calling his phone and knocking on the apartment door and window. Unable to get a response, they got a key from the building rep.

In a video, a supervisor uses the key to open the apartment. Four officers enter in a line, announcing themselves. Inside, an officer asks, “Go through this door?” Another replies, “Yeah.”

As they clear the apartment, an officer kicks a door, and a gunshot is heard. Chaos ensues. Officers retreat, yelling to stop. They assess each other for injuries, but none were hurt.

Police say two officers fired one shot each, hitting Goodlow in the chest. The family’s lawyer sees it as reckless law enforcement, shooting without understanding. The police statement says the investigation is ongoing, and they’re eager to learn more.

The State’s Attorney’s Office won’t comment, citing the active investigation.

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