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Explosive incident shakes city close to Beijing after a dangerous incident at a restaurant in China

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A strong explosion happened early Wednesday morning in a residential area in northern China. It wrecked a building and led to casualties.

The blast occurred around 8 a.m. at a restaurant on the ground floor of a building in Sanhe city, Hebei province. It killed two people and injured 26 others. The building, which was four stories high, got destroyed.

Authorities believe a gas leak caused the explosion, but they haven’t pinpointed the exact reason or where it happened.

Videos and pictures on Weibo, a Chinese social media site, show the explosion’s intensity. It caused a fireball, wrecked the building’s walls and ceiling, and sent smoke high into the sky.

Firefighters worked hard to put out the fire. Some buildings nearby got badly damaged too. People living nearby reported hearing a loud noise and feeling their buildings shake.

Glass shattered, and shop signs were damaged in buildings across the street from the explosion site. By Wednesday afternoon, the fire was out, and people living within 500 meters were evacuated.

Gas leaks have caused deadly incidents in China before. Last June, 31 people died in a gas explosion at a barbecue restaurant in northwest Ningxia region. After that, Chinese authorities issued guidelines to prevent such accidents.

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