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Ex-School bus driver from Utah allegedly started a fire on the bus while students were inside

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A guy in Utah who used to drive a school bus is in big trouble. He’s accused of setting the bus on fire two times, once with kids on board. His name is Michael Austin Ford, and he’s facing charges from both the federal and state governments.

The federal charges are for arson, and a jury says he did it twice, using an ignition device to start a fire while driving with kids inside. The first time was in February 2022, and the second time was in April 2023. Videos caught him in the act, and he even tried to mess with the surveillance system to cover up his actions.

In April 2023, the police arrested him, but he got released. Later, in October 2023, his house and car got damaged by fire, the second time it happened to his home. He admitted to being involved in other fires too, dating back to around 2001 or 2002, 2016, and 2017.

He got arrested again in October 2023 on state charges. He used to work as a bus driver for the Granite School District for a long time, from 1998 until he got fired in June 2023. The school district got suspicious after the first fire in 2022, so they installed more cameras. After the second fire in 2023, they found evidence that he messed with the bus and put him on leave.

Now, he’s facing serious charges in both federal and state courts. The federal trial is set for April 29 in Salt Lake City. The school district says they did background checks on him before hiring, and they are cooperating with the authorities.

This guy is in real trouble, and the authorities say he’s a danger to the community. They even think other fires might be connected to him. It’s a serious situation, especially because he allegedly set intentional fires with kids on the bus.

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