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Eva Longoria and Admiral Bill McRaven are set to be honored with the Bezos Award, which comes with a hefty $100 million prize

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Jeff Bezos, the person who started Amazon, and his partner Lauren Sánchez are giving $50 million each to two individuals: Bill McRaven, a former Navy admiral, and Eva Longoria, an actress and entrepreneur. This is part of an annual prize Bezos gives to people who do good things for society.

The prize is called the Bezos Courage and Civility Award, and it’s been around since 2021. It’s for people who try to solve tough problems, bring people together, and act kindly. Bezos is the second richest person globally, after Bernard Arnault, according to Bloomberg. His money adds up to about $200 billion.

In 2021, the first winners were Van Jones, a lawyer and CNN commentator, and chef José Andrés, who each got $100 million. Entertainer Dolly Parton got it in 2022, but there was no winner in 2023.

McRaven said he’ll use the money to help educate kids of veterans who died, especially those from special operations. He also wants to help with veterans’ mental health and training future military leaders.

Longoria, known for “Desperate Housewives,” focuses on education and business in Latino communities. Her foundation connects Latino people in low-income areas with mentors and helps Latino-owned small businesses.

Bezos said in 2022 he’ll give away most of his money, focusing on climate change and bringing people together. But he and Sánchez haven’t joined the Giving Pledge, a promise by rich people to give most of their money to good causes. It was started by Warren Buffett, Melinda French Gates, and Bill Gates. MacKenzie Scott, who helped create Amazon with Bezos and gave away a lot of her money, has joined.

Bezos and Sánchez gave $100 million to help after wildfires in Maui in 2023. They’ve also given hundreds of millions of dollars through Bezos’ Day 1 Families Fund to fight homelessness and start preschools.

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