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Dubai is constructing the tallest clock tower for people to live in

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Dubai is all set to add a gigantic structure to its skyline.

The Aeternitas Tower was officially revealed last week at a special event. It’s going to be the world’s tallest residential clock tower, standing at a whopping 450 meters (1,476 feet). That’s more than four times taller than London’s Big Ben and just 22 meters (72 feet) shorter than the world’s tallest residential building, the Central Park Tower in New York City.

This tower will be the second tallest clock tower globally, coming after the Makkah Clock Royal Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Aeternitas Tower is a joint effort between Dubai-based real estate developer London Gate and Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Franck Muller.

London Gate bought a piece of land in Dubai Marina, which already had the beginnings of an unfinished 106-story structure. Tom Hill, the media relations coordinator for the developer, mentioned that they understood the tower’s enormous size required an impressive facade.

According to Hill, “We think the clock will be visible from six kilometers away because of the building’s sheer height.” He added that the clock face will be an enormous 40 meters (131 feet) tall and 30 meters (98 feet) wide.

Hill said, “We wanted to do something unique that hasn’t been tried in Dubai before.”

A never-ending building
There are 649 homes in the building, with one to three-bedroom apartments and some fancy houses.

People living here get services like cleaning, a helper at the door 24/7, and a person who parks their car anytime. It’s like living in a hotel, but in your own space.

The cool things everyone can use are a gym, a game with a ball, a place to relax, a yoga area, and a big swimming pool. There’s also fun stuff like a movie room, a music space, and a library.

A super expensive penthouse in Dubai that doesn’t even exist yet got sold for a lot of money – $136 million! People can move in here in 2027, as said by London Gate.

The building is named after the word “eternity” in Latin. It’s inspired by a special watch that Franck Muller makes. The watch is very complicated and can tell time forever. Erol Baliyan, who manages Franck Muller in the Middle East and Africa, explained this.

The Swiss watch company is getting into real estate to create a special place that shows off their innovation and style, according to Baliyan.

In addition to the cool clock (inspired by Franck Muller’s fancy Long Island Collection, which has unique squished and stretched numbers in a rectangle), the watch company will bring its design style to the whole building, says Baliyan.

He talks about using fancy materials like shiny metals, mixed with marble and interesting fabrics and colors. And in the entrance area, they’re showing off the brand’s special watch shape with curved walls, arches, and oval furniture.

“Paying close attention to small things is really important, with carefully made woodwork and thoughtfully arranged lights and furniture, making sure the place feels fancy,” said Baliyan.

A growing trend
Dubai is experiencing a rise in fancy real estate, and there’s a popular new thing happening called branded residences. That’s when fancy brands team up with builders to make cool homes.

By October 2023, 51 projects were done in the city, and they think this will double by 2030, says Savills Research. Big names like Karl Lagerfeld, Mercedes-Benz, and 25Hours are all making homes. London Gate started selling one-bedroom apartments at AED 1.6 million ($435,600) last week.

Hill, the person in charge, said, “People really liked it. In the first two days, we sold 30% of the first 30 floors, including all the one-bedroom homes.”

Hill thinks one reason people are interested is because the tower is in Dubai Marina, where there aren’t many places to build. The Aeternitas tower is the first of its kind in the area in the last few years.

London Gate’s first special residence project is the Aeternitas tower, but they plan to do more. Hill said they will announce their next project partnership by the end of Q1 this year.

In Dubai, properties are often sold before they’re even built, and buyers have to wait a long time to see their new home. Branded residences, like the Aeternitas tower with the famous Franck Muller brand, make buyers feel more secure, especially those from other countries. Hill said, “When you have a brand as well-known as Franck Muller, you can be sure you’ll get a top-notch product.”

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