Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Don Lemon claims that Elon Musk backed out of his agreement with X following a ‘stressful’ conversation

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Don Lemon talked about his recent experience with Elon Musk on Wednesday, mentioning that their plans together didn’t work out. Lemon, who used to work for CNN, had interviewed Musk for the first episode of his new online show.

Lemon said Musk had encouraged him to start a new show on a platform called X, promising his support. Lemon believed Musk’s offer meant he valued diverse voices like his.

During an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Lemon shared parts of his talk with Musk. Lemon asked Musk about various topics, including hate speech on the platform X and a meeting Musk had with Donald Trump.

When Lemon asked Musk about the drug ketamine, which Musk openly admits to using, Musk said he didn’t think it affected his government clearance because he has a prescription for it.

Lemon mentioned that their conversation was respectful and covered many subjects. But Lemon felt Musk avoided tough questions about himself.

Lemon posted a video on social media criticizing Musk’s claim of supporting free speech completely. Lemon said Musk didn’t seem to like being questioned, especially by someone like him.

Although Musk hasn’t made the interview public yet, someone familiar with the matter said Musk was upset about Lemon’s questions regarding ketamine use, government clearance, and antisemitism.

The platform X defended Musk’s decision not to continue with Lemon’s show, saying they support creators but reserve the right to choose their business partners.

Musk criticized Lemon and CNN, suggesting Lemon’s show was too similar to CNN’s style and lacked authenticity.

Lemon expects to be paid for his work with X, even though there wasn’t a signed contract. However, Lemon’s team believes there was an agreement based on public announcements and messages from Musk.

This fallout happened after Musk had encouraged Lemon to start a show on his platform, promising support. However, Musk’s actions have sometimes contradicted his claims of supporting free speech completely.

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