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Doctors have found out what’s causing a guy’s bad headaches: tiny tapeworm babies, probably from bacon not cooked enough, hanging out in his brain

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A man in Florida had really bad headaches because of tiny worms in his brain. Doctors think he got these worms from eating bacon that wasn’t cooked enough. The man, who is 52 years old, started having worse headaches every week for four months. Painkillers didn’t help. The doctors found a live worm in his brain.

Tests at the hospital showed that the worms in his brain came from tapeworm eggs. These eggs can turn into worms in your brain if you swallow them. This is called neurocysticercosis. It usually happens in places with poor sanitation and lots of pigs. But this man didn’t have the usual risks. He didn’t travel to risky places or live where sanitation was bad. However, he confessed to eating undercooked bacon most of his life.

The doctors think he got the worms by accident. Maybe he ate undercooked bacon that had tapeworm eggs in it. Then, he didn’t wash his hands properly and ate the tapeworm eggs in his poop. This led to worms growing in his brain.

The man got better with medicine. His headaches got better, and the worms in his brain got smaller. This kind of worm infection is rare in the United States. But you can avoid it by cooking meat properly and washing your hands well.

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