Monday, April 15, 2024

Denver cops went to the wrong house because they used a phone app that messed up. Now, a grandma is getting $3.76 million

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A grandma in Colorado got a big payout of $3.76 million from a court case where police busted into her house by mistake. They relied only on an iPhone app called “Find My” and ended up wrecking her home. Ruby Johnson, the grandma, still feels really bad physically and emotionally because of what happened. The police thought they were going after a stolen truck and guns but went to the wrong house.

This incident is similar to other times when police have raided the wrong homes across the country, like what happened to Breonna Taylor in 2020. Even though two police officers were sued personally, the city of Denver has to pay the $3.76 million. The officers didn’t get in trouble at work, even though a jury said they violated Johnson’s rights.

The police used the “Find My” app to try and find a stolen iPhone that was in the truck. But the app isn’t meant for police work, and it’s not always accurate. The police didn’t really understand how it worked. They got a ping from the app saying the iPhone was near Johnson’s house, but it could have been anywhere nearby. The police didn’t double-check properly and just went ahead with the raid.

When the police raided Johnson’s house, they scared her a lot. They even broke her front door and messed up her garage. They damaged a special doll that her son gave her a long time ago. After the raid, Johnson couldn’t live in her house anymore. She’s been staying with her kids, but she’s still really upset and can’t sleep well. She even got sick from all the stress.

In court, the jury said the police had to pay Johnson $3.76 million for what they did. They also had to pay extra because of how bad it was. But even though the police messed up, they didn’t get in trouble at work. The police department didn’t change any rules because of this, but Johnson’s lawyer hopes they’ll think twice about what they did.

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