Sunday, April 14, 2024

Dave Calhoun was brought in to repair Boeing. However, instead of improving the situation, things have only worsened, turning into a source of shame

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In 2024, Boeing’s been in the news a lot, and not for good reasons. From scary incidents in the sky to big problems on the ground, it seems like every day there’s another bad story. But despite all this, CEO Dave Calhoun is still in charge.

Some experts are scratching their heads, wondering why Calhoun still has a job. Richard Aboulafia, who knows a lot about airplanes, says it’s embarrassing. He thinks the people in charge aren’t paying enough attention, investors aren’t worried enough, and the government doesn’t know what to do.

Here’s what’s been happening: Boeing’s stock has dropped a lot this year, and it’s only March. One of their planes had a serious problem in January, and now the government is looking into it. Last week, investigators said Boeing wasn’t being helpful.

Boeing says they’re cooperating with the investigations and trying to make things safer.

But that’s not all. Another Boeing plane had a scary moment too, injuring a bunch of people. It’s not clear if Boeing did anything wrong in either case. They say they’re figuring out what happened.

If Boeing were like other companies, the CEO would probably be fired. But Dave Calhoun is still there, even though lots of people think he should go. In fact, he got a raise last year, despite all the problems Boeing had.

To be fair, Calhoun took over when Boeing was already in trouble. There were crashes and other issues that happened before he became CEO. But some people say Boeing’s problems started a long time ago, with a merger that didn’t go well. After that, they focused too much on making money and not enough on making good planes.

Boeing brought in Calhoun to fix things and get back to making great planes. But some people wonder if he’s the right person for the job, since he’s not an engineer himself.

Experts say if Boeing wants to regain people’s trust, they need to make big changes at the top. But it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

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