Tuesday, May 21, 2024

COVID-19 challenges the ‘White House’ once again, First Lady tests Positive

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The White House said – “The first lady felt symptoms and was tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday.”

The Bidens spent a good weekend together at the Rehoboth Beach at Delaware after a visit to Florida together, to follow up with the conditions and procedures after the Hurricane Idalia landfall, after which the first lady was tested corona positive. As for now, Lady Biden will be staying back at Delaware for this week, while President Biden travelled back to Washington alone on Monday.

Lady Biden met survivors at Florida after Hurricane Idalia on saturday

It’s an intense scenario at the White House, since Jill Biden (the US First Lady) was tested positive for Covid, and the spotlight got on President Joe Biden. While the president was tested negative on Monday and Tuesday, he took precautions while visiting the East Room to present a Vietnam War Army Pilot with Medal of Honor.

The sudden comeback of Covid has put the country in thoughts about the pandemic returning. The President was set to visit Asia this week, for the G-20 gathering hosted in India, followed by a visit to Vietnam for talking out ways of cooperation among them, while the virus challenged the schedules. So far, the White House has not ensured the president’s plans about cancelling the visits.

Karine Jean-Pierre (White House Press Secretary) said, “He tested negative last night. He tested negative today. That’s what matters. He’s not having any symptoms and is in close consultation with his physician. He will be masking while indoors and around people in alignment with the CDC guidance.” 

Records hold the history of Joe Biden diagnosed with COVID in July 2022, and first lady in August 2022. The White House confirmed that the conditions are way different than the pandemic phase, and there won’t be any effect to the everyday life. While Secretary Jean added, “We are in a very good position to deal with COVID-19 in the fall.”

She confirmed the president’s condition saying, “The president is feeling fine, and we’re going to move forward.”

All members and staff at White House were tested and no special changes were made in the activities. president is taking precaution wearing mask when near others. The officials said, they will be promoting the advanced vaccine available after this month among the residents of America.

The conditions are under control and far different than the 2020 pandemic era, while the White House confirmed there’s no need to panic or worry about the sudden resurfacing of COVID.

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