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Cops share video from their body cameras showing them shooting a guy in his house in Illinois

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A video from the police in a town near Chicago shows moments when they shot and killed a guy in his apartment. The videos give some info about what happened, but not why they started shooting.

The man, Isaac Goodlow, who was 30, died on February 3 from a gunshot to the chest, the police said.

The video, around 33 minutes long, comes from the Village of Carol Stream, Illinois, about 30 miles away from downtown Chicago. It has footage from six officers’ body cameras. The police chief, Donald Cummings, talks for about five minutes at the beginning, explaining what happened before the shooting.

Cummings says the videos only show the shooting and not what led to it or what happened afterward. He also mentions that they blurred the faces of the officers and Goodlow in the video.

The police got there around 4:15 a.m. on February 3 after getting a call about a fight from Goodlow’s girlfriend. She said they had a fight, and she ran out of their apartment without shoes because of injuries. Paramedics checked her, and she went back with the police to unlock the apartment.

For the next 45 minutes, the police tried to reach Goodlow by calling him, knocking on the door, and even getting a key. In one video, officers open the door and announce themselves, then chaos starts.

One officer kicks the door, a shot is heard, and it gets messy. Officers start yelling, and you can hear a taser. They retreat, and some fall. No officers got hurt, but Goodlow was shot in the chest.

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