Wednesday, April 17, 2024

China criticizes the US for banning TikTok, calling it bullying that will have negative consequences

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China has criticized the possibility of banning TikTok as unfair behavior from America. They said this during a meeting on Wednesday. This happened just before the House of Representatives was going to vote on a law that might make TikTok’s Chinese owner sell the app to an American company. If they don’t do this, TikTok could be banned in the US, where it has a lot of users.

China’s spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, talked to CNN and said the US is bullying TikTok without any proof that it’s a threat to their security. He thinks this is unfair competition and will hurt the market and investors. Wang warned that this could harm the US in the end.

US officials have been worried that the Chinese government might make TikTok hand over data from American users. They’re also concerned that TikTok could spread false information or influence Americans. However, experts say these worries are just possibilities for now, and there’s no proof of it happening.

A Republican representative, Mike Gallagher, says the law isn’t banning TikTok. Instead, it’s giving TikTok a choice to cut ties with China. China has said before that they won’t agree to force TikTok to be sold.

On Chinese social media, many people are supporting TikTok and think the US is being unfair. They’re sharing a notification from TikTok asking users to call their representatives. Some people even joked about the US being hypocritical.

Chinese newspapers, like the Global Times, are also supporting TikTok. They’ve accused the US of trying to steal TikTok and said it shows the US doesn’t really believe in free speech or the law.

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