Monday, April 15, 2024

Checking the facts: Trump makes a wrong statement about Beverly Hills saying people there can’t brush their teeth or take showers

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Ex-President Donald Trump tells made-up stories about different things, and one weird topic is the water rules in Beverly Hills, where he used to live.

He spoke at a conference and said, “In Beverly Hills, they tell you to use only 40 gallons of water. You can’t even brush your teeth more than once a day.” He also joked about rich people not smelling good because of shower restrictions.

But here’s the truth: All his stories are wrong. Beverly Hills doesn’t limit how much water you use inside your house. They only have rules for watering outside, like two days a week. This is part of California trying to save water because of droughts.

A spokesperson for Beverly Hills said they don’t limit indoor water and teach people good water habits. Trump might be talking about a law signed by California’s governor, but it’s not for residents; it’s for the people who supply water. It won’t make you brush your teeth less or shower faster.

So, Trump’s stories about Beverly Hills water rules are just made-up, not true.

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