Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Checking the facts: Some statements made by Trump in his speech about the border lack evidence and may not be accurate

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President Joe Biden and ex-President Donald Trump spoke one after the other in Texas near the Mexican border. Biden’s speech stuck to facts, talking about a bipartisan border bill Trump opposed. Trump’s speech, less prepared, had claims about migrants that were unsupported or false.

Trump suggested migrants are like warriors, hinting at a baseless idea of foreign enemies using migration for a hidden agenda. He also hinted at a false claim about migrants voting in 2024. Trump mentioned a “new form” of crime called “Biden migrant crime,” but early data shows crime rates were low in 2023.

Fact-checking two other claims by Trump:

1. **Foreign countries and ‘insane asylums’:** Trump said leaders are emptying jails and mental asylums to send people to the US. There’s no evidence for this claim. Even in 2022, Trump’s campaign couldn’t prove South American countries were doing this. Experts and searches found nothing. Trump cited a Breitbart article about Venezuela, but it’s vague and unverified.

2. **Border wall:** Trump claimed to build 571 miles, but an official report says it’s 458 miles. He sometimes more accurately said “nearly 500 miles.” This includes both new walls and replacing old ones.

In simpler terms, Biden talked facts, while Trump’s speech had unproven claims about migrants and exaggerated numbers about the border wall.

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