Monday, April 15, 2024
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Scientists find three new moons going around planets in our solar system that no one knew about before

Astronomers found three new moons around Uranus and Neptune, the farthest planets in our solar system. One moon was discovered circling Uranus, the first time...

This train doesn’t go anywhere. Now, it’s a fancy sightseeing ride

In South Africa, there are really fancy train trips that many people love. But for some folks, a train that doesn't go anywhere is...

Fresh pictures reveal a never-before-seen perspective of the Odysseus spaceship touching down on the moon

Amazing new pictures from the Odysseus mission show the spaceship, the first one made in the US, softly landing on the moon after a...

The Final Departure: Saying Goodbye to Burning Man

After two put offs, and days with rain, final departure from the Nevada Dessert finally started this Monday with participants packing to leave the...

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