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Can’t afford private lawyer – Harrison Floyd still in jail

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Followed by Donald Trump’s return to New Jersey, Harrison Floyd, the former U.S. Marine and Mixed Martial Arts fighter, couldn’t afford a private lawyer and remained in jail on Friday. Floyd is accused of being a part of voting fraud in 2020. Being one of the co-defendants in a huge election’s turnover case, he couldn’t manage to get a bond as the expenses hold him back.

Superior Court Judge Emily Richardson was confronted by Floyd saying, “I cannot afford an attorney for something like this. I don’t want to put my family in debt.” Emily stated he could either hire or be a representative himself.

Floyd appealed to jury virtually, said – “It typically costs $40,000 to $100,000 to retain a private lawyer to fly to Georgia.”, followed by denial in appeal for a public legal representative. Defendant must fulfill certain financial requirements to proceed.

Thus, Floyd stays at the Fulton County Jail under department of Justice for violence and unsanitary conditions, USA. Floyd was acknowledged with case being overviewed by Judge Scott McAfee, will be stating the decision against issue of bond.

Bonds set at $200,000 for Trump, $10,000 for Misty Hampton accused of misusing voting machines and $150,000 for former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. While Donald Trump charged with 13 felony claims for 2020 election frauds, and his other 17 co-defendants have already turned in and posted their bonds in the jail and have been released as per the sources.

March 4 has been declared the trial date for all 19 accused, while McAfee agrees for separated early trial on October 23 under lawyer Kenneth Chesebro. Trump’s legal representatives yet to propose a trial date. One of the defendants, Jeffrey Clark was released early on $100,000 bond on Friday.

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