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California police officers shot and killed a teenager with autism who was holding a gardening tool, according to the teenager’s lawyer

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A sad incident occurred in California where a teenage boy with autism was shot by sheriff’s deputies. The boy, Ryan Gainer, was holding a gardening tool at his family’s home. The situation had calmed down before the deputies arrived. Gainer’s family had called 911 because he was causing trouble and damaging property.

When deputies got there, Gainer had the gardening tool and moved towards them. They say he tried to attack them, so one of the deputies shot him. They tried to help him, but he later died in the hospital.

The sheriff’s department released videos showing what happened. In the videos, Gainer can be seen holding the gardening tool. Family members were upset after he was shot, questioning why lethal force was used instead of a taser.

The sheriff mentioned that deputies had been to their house before, and Gainer had been taken to a mental health facility. He didn’t mention Gainer’s autism, but he talked about his mental health history.

Before the deputies arrived, Gainer had gotten upset because he couldn’t listen to music. He hit his sister and broke some glass. Someone called 911, but Gainer calmed down before the deputies arrived.

The family’s attorney says the deputy immediately saw Gainer as a threat and escalated the situation. Gainer was passionate about running and wanted to become an engineer. His family is devastated by what happened. The sheriff acknowledged that it’s a tragedy for everyone involved.

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