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California police killed a teenager with autism who was holding a gardening tool, according to a lawyer

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Sheriff officers in California shot and killed a teenager with autism who was holding a gardening tool. The incident happened at the teen’s family home in Apple Valley. The family had called 911 reporting that the teenager was causing trouble and damaging property.

When the deputies arrived, the situation had calmed down, according to the family’s attorney. However, when they encountered the teenager, he was holding a garden tool and allegedly tried to assault one of the deputies. The deputy then shot the teenager, who later died from his injuries at the hospital.

Bodycam footage showed the moments leading up to the shooting. Family members can be heard asking why deadly force was used instead of a less lethal option like a taser.

The sheriff mentioned that deputies had been called to the house multiple times before, and the teenager had a history of mental health issues. He also acknowledged that law enforcement shouldn’t always be the first responders in such situations.

The family attorney described the teenager’s behavior as a response to not being allowed to listen to music on his laptop. He mentioned that the teenager had calmed down before the deputies arrived and that he had a fondness for running as a coping mechanism.

Overall, the incident is considered a tragedy for both the family and the deputies involved.

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