Monday, April 15, 2024

Breaking News: Russia making three times as many artillery shells as the US and Europe for Ukrain

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Russia seems to be making a lot more artillery ammo than the US and Europe combined. They’re cranking out about 250,000 rounds per month, while the US and Europe can only manage around 1.2 million annually. The US had a plan to make 100,000 rounds per month by 2025, but it’s not happening due to a $60 billion funding delay.

Right now, it’s like a contest of who can make more bullets. Russia is firing about 10,000 shells a day, way more than Ukraine’s 2,000. The situation is critical because Ukraine is running low on ammo, and they’re also short on people at the front lines.

The US and its pals gave Ukraine some fancy equipment like tanks and fighter jets, but experts think the real game-changer is the number of artillery shells each side can shoot. Russia is going all out, working non-stop, and has a big advantage in production. They’re even getting bullets from other countries.

The US and Europe are trying to catch up, but it’s tough. Some European countries are trying to help by opening new ammo factories in Ukraine. US officials say Russia might be ahead now, but eventually, the West will catch up and make better stuff.

Right now, it’s a race against time. Russia is pushing hard, taking over cities, and looks like they’re in control. Ukraine is struggling, not just with bullets but also with money and support. If the US doesn’t step up, things could get worse for Ukraine.

Russia is also hitting Ukraine where it hurts, targeting their defense factories and using long-range weapons. They’re producing a lot of missiles and drones every month, trying to overwhelm Ukraine’s defenses. The situation is tough, and it depends on whether the US can provide more help quickly.

The war has changed Russia’s economy. Before, it relied on oil, but now defense is the big deal. It’s working for now, but it might cause problems in the long run. The Pentagon is thinking about using its last bit of money, but they’re hesitant because they want Congress to guarantee they’ll get it back. If the US doesn’t send more aid, Ukraine might have to rethink their strategy.

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