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Breaking down two big changes in Trump’s policies during a single interview

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Donald Trump, the ex-President, seems to focus more on himself than a specific set of beliefs. However, recent changes in his stance on Social Security and TikTok stand out.

Both Trump and President Joe Biden are gearing up for the election rematch, each trying to sell their policies. Biden has adjusted his stance on border policies strategically to tackle the crisis and gain support away from Trump. On the other hand, Trump’s remarks on TikTok and Social Security, shared in a candid CNBC interview, reveal a lack of clear direction on Social Security and uncertainty about TikTok.

Regarding Social Security, Trump, who once vowed to protect benefits, now seems open to the idea of cutting them. In an unscripted phone interview, he touched on various topics, making it unclear where he stands on Social Security cuts. His response was broad, involving discussions about the stock market, oil drilling, inflation, and his economic achievements.

Biden’s campaign swiftly seized on the ambiguity, emphasizing that Trump might not be dismissive of cutting entitlements. Trump’s spokesperson argued he was referring to cutting waste, not entitlements.

On the TikTok front, Trump initially aimed to force its parent company, ByteDance, to divest. However, he now expresses a more lenient view, stating that Facebook, not TikTok, is an “enemy of the people.” He acknowledges the popularity of TikTok, particularly among young users, and seems less inclined to force ByteDance to spin it off.

Biden, in contrast, indicates a willingness to sign a bill potentially banning TikTok. This bill, similar to Trump’s executive orders, faces opposition from free speech advocates who argue it violates the First Amendment.

Trump’s recent meeting with GOP donor Jeff Yass, reportedly holding a significant stake in TikTok, adds another layer to the story. Despite speculations about influencing Trump’s views, he claims they didn’t even discuss TikTok during their brief meeting.

In summary, Trump’s recent shifts on Social Security and TikTok raise questions about his consistency and clarity on key policy issues.

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