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Boat boss and captain accused in bad New York boat crash where 2 folks lost their lives

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On Thursday, authorities arrested two men, Richard Cruz, 32, and Jaime Pinilla Gomez, 25, for their involvement in a tragic boat accident in the Hudson River in July 2022, leading to the deaths of two individuals. The boat, named “Stimulus Money,” owned by Cruz and operated by Gomez, capsized, resulting in the drowning of Julian Vasquez, 7, and Lindelia Vasquez, 48.

The criminal charges include misconduct and neglect of ship officer duties resulting in death. The complaint revealed that the boat, used for tours, violated federal regulations by exceeding its passenger capacity, lacking proper certifications, and operating without required inspections. The operators, Cruz and Gomez, also disregarded a weather advisory and were cited for speeding in hazardous conditions.

The tragic incident occurred when all 13 people on board were thrown overboard, with Julian and Lindelia Vasquez found trapped and unconscious under the boat. Emergency responders pronounced them dead due to drowning.

Cruz and Gomez potentially face a maximum sentence of 10 years for their actions, as stated in the news release by US Attorney Damian Williams. The boat’s manual prohibited more than 12 people on board.

Mayor Eric Adams expressed condolences, calling it a “devastating moment” for those involved and their families. Attempts to contact the Vasquez family for a response have been unsuccessful. Lawyers for Gomez and Cruz, Thomas H. Nooter and Kristoff Williams, respectively, have not provided comments.

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